We help legal teams thrive through better outcomes solutions contracts design thinking experiences

Legal Adjacency is a boutique legal consultancy dedicated to creating positive change for legal departments through design.


  • Simplify contracts by creating clear, engaging, useable, and easy to negotiate plain language agreements.
  • Develop easy to implement and cost-effective solutions for our clients to simplify and improve their legal function.
  • Run experiences, workshops, and other facilitated activities to help our clients untangle and address legal operational problems in new and human-centered ways.


  • “Our contracts are too long and too technical for our sales team to use effectively.”
  • “How do we cut our external legal spend in a way that doesn't compromise the relationships with external counsel?”
  • “How do we know which KPI’s we should be measuring?”
  • “We need the team to buy-in and use our new matter management system.”
  • “How do we speed up the negotiation process?”
  • “We need to better manage risk by simplifying compliance forms and processes.”
  • “Our in-take process sucks. We want to automate it.”
  • “Policies are often not followed, documents, and best-practice templates go unused.”
  • “I want this template customer agreement to be in plain language.”
  • “We want to make the internal client’s interactions with legal more effective and enjoyable.”
  • “We now have to communicate through the business unit’s preferred channel. How do we make that an easy transition for us?”
  • “Moving people to self-help tools seems like a good idea. Will we benefit from it?”
  • “Law firms X and Y do great work, but we feel surprised or feel nickel and dimed whenever we get their bills.”

We are lawyers, designers, and doers

Hi, I’m Marty Finestone

I’m the founder of Legal Adjacency.

I would like to invite you to book a free discovery call with me.  We’ll talk about you and the work you do and answer any questions you have about Legal Adjacency. I can’t wait to show you what we can do for you and your organization!