In-house Legal Coaching


When you look around your legal department do you find you can’t help but see stressed and tired teammates doing their best to work with a fraction of the budget of what it will really take to do everything?

You want things to improve. You have heard about legal operations, process improvement, legal tech, and legal innovation and are now wondering if any of those would be appropriate. But you don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in.

👋 Hi, I am Marty Finestone. I am here to help your legal department simplify and thrive through the practice of legal design.

I blend a background of a commercial legal practice, legal design (thinking), operations, and technology to help organizations. From trying to make it all work and stay compliant, to becoming more effective teammates of the business, to turning external counsel from service providers to service partners, and to actually leaving at the end of the day.

🙂 Remember that old infomercial refrain, “there’s got to be a better way?!”

There is a better way to do legal. Let me help you get there. 

Team Up by Legal Adjacency

What is Team Up by Legal Adjacency?

Team Up by Legal Adjacency is a confidential, collaborative, and dynamic coaching and mentoring program.

We help in-house counsel identify their department’s operational goals and challenges, design and deploy actionable strategies, while leveraging their personal strengths.

Team Up by Legal Adjacency is for in-house counsel looking to build a smart, lean, and integrated approach to delivering legal services. 

We know how days are filled with meetings and work emergencies, which makes it difficult to find time to dedicate to strategic work. When you partner with Legal Adjacency, we will help you become strategic. We help you identify the issues, focus, plan, and act.

With Team Up by Legal Adjacency you gain a co-strategist and teammate.


✔ Kick Off Session: A 60-minute “kick off” discovery call with Marty Finestone to get a deep understanding of you, your department, and organization. You will get unbiased and straightforward feedback based about your situation and the challenges you are facing and the options and actions that are there for you to take.

✔ Individual Strategy Sessions: A quarterly 90-minute strategy call one-on-one with Marty. You will leave the call feeling positive and motivated with increased clarity about your situation and with steps to implement.

Brainstorming Calls: These are brief personal 20 minute ‘on demand’ calls for brainstorming, “bouncing around” ideas, getting a fresh take on something, or emergency support. You can book up to two per month.

✔ Group Sessions: Monthly group workshop or similar skills session with other Team Up program members.

✔ Bi-weekly emails: Bi-weekly email check-ins from Marty to help you with accountability.

✔ Voice note exchanges access with Marty: Got something on your mind? Need a boost of confidence or a fresh perspective? Looking for recommendation, introduction, or referral? Send me a voice note or leave me a voicemail and I’ll get back to you the same way. There’s no hard cap on how many exchanges we’ll have.

✔ Materials: On top of Marty’s time, you’ll get recordings of sessions, notes from Marty, action steps, assignments, and more.

This is an investment in yourself, your time, and your work. 

Many of our clients cover costs from their professional/personal development budgets.

What are the Benefits of Team Up by Legal Adjacency?

👍 Creating space and time amid the busy work and life for deep thinking followed by action.

👍 Identify what you want, need or can do given resource limitations.

👍 Get a sounding board for the things that keep you up at night.

👍 Get unstuck – see new perspectives.

👍 Benefit from hearing what has worked for others.

👍 A source for innovative ideas and options.

👍 Make smarter decisions – rather than living by the “should have.”

👍 Hold the focus – keep your goal in mind as you make choices.

👍 Feel supported as you stretch into new areas, practices, methods, or technology.

👍 Set your priorities in alignment with values.

It's easy to get started


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Book a brief call with Marty. Get your questions answered and, if you’re ready, join the program.


Team Up by Legal Adjacency cost US$1,500 per quarter (taxes extra if applicable).

Coaching is an iterative, targeted, interactive process designed to facilitate concrete changes in performance—and bottom-line results.

Coaching gives you the tools, support, and structure to accomplish your goals. It’s a relationship. As your coach, we team up with you to inspire and support you to do great things.

We use a variety of tools, approaches, and techniques to help you achieve your desired results. We embrace the mentorship coaching method, so our coaching services may include advising and coaching.

However, your results are ultimately up to you.

Strategy sessions encourage goal setting, planning, and action for the up-coming quarter based on your needs and resources.

Through powerful conversations, complex ideas, and situations are explored, goals are set, action is planned, and valuable feedback is given.

These sessions are user-centered. You set the pace and determines the outcome. While you are responsible for the action, Marty brainstorms solutions with you, helps you create a plan, and supports you as you move forward to reach your goals. With better focus and goals chosen in alignment with your organization’s resources, values, and desires, you can see results more quickly.

Coaching is not consulting. Consulting diagnoses problems, prescribe and, sometimes, implement solutions. When we provide consulting services, we do the work for you. Our coaching supports you as you do the work.

Group session agendas will vary. A group session may include a mastermind session focusing on the group, a facilitated working session, a “hot seat” session (where one member will get to be in the spotlight, and the group spends most of the session focusing on that person and the particular problems or issues they are facing), or some other format that best fits the needs of the group that month.

What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions.

We fully understand the value of your trust, and we take every precaution to safeguard it. We will provide you with a detailed description of our confidentiality commitment to you.

We offer Team Up on a recurring quarterly subscription.

Please see our Terms of Business for invoicing and payment details.

Sessions take place by Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

Materials and content are made available in our client portal.

Send us an email to or book an intro call with Marty.