Marty Finestone

Picture of Marty Finestone

I help legal and business teams simplify their legal docs and legal ops.

I’m a lawyer, legal designer, artist, playlist maker, husband, and dad.

My work combines 15+ years of legal practice together with a background in technology, operations, and legal design to help legal departments simplify, innovate, and thrive.

From making legal operations easier, to containing outside counsel costs, to improving the delivery of internal client service, I help small in-house legal departments do more with less. As an Ontario business lawyer, I am also there when in-house counsel needs a trusted advisor to brainstorm or work through substantive legal issues. As the head of Legal Adjacency, it is my mission to make the work easier for small in-house legal departments.


Professional Memberships

  • Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC)
  • Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)
  • World Commerce & Contracting
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Legal Operators
  • Internal Technology Law Association
  • International Business Communications Standards
  • Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion – individual practitioner

Fun Facts

  • I love, love, love, listening to music, going to live shows, cratedigging, and collecting records.
  • I hosted and produced a couple of live radioshows during my undergraduate days. Even better, my daughter and I co-hosted a live radioshow when she was 5 and 6.
  • The first website that I designed, which was hardcoded in HTML, was done in 1994.
  • I think building Lego is awesome.
  • I love houseplants and icecream cake.
  • Some people might think that I have too many sneakers. Others, though, might think that I don’t have enough.