Doing More With Less
Using Legal Design

Friday April 8, 2022

12:00 PM Eastern 


🙅 Working in a role like in-house legal – where there are many constraints and an established “way it’s done” – can feel limiting. The opportunities to infuse more creativity or inventiveness into your work and how your work rarely seem there.

🤷‍♀️ BUT if we zoom out and check our perspective, we can see that the law may tell us to do one thing, but it doesn’t dictate how we do it. This – this the opening and opportunity for creativity.

🙋 This opportunity opens the door to finding creative ways to advise and provide legal solutions to the organization’s problems.

🤩 This is where legal design comes into play.

💥 Legal design is a mindset, an approach, which starts with the user – the internal client – their needs, interests, communication style, constraints, and more.

Businesses don’t have legal problems; they have business problems with legal aspects to them.

Your true value as in-house counsel is in being a great advisor and providing great service to your organization.

Business problems often require creativity.

💎 Now is the time for creativity and in-house legal function to come together. 💎

🎤 Join lawyer and legal designer Marty Finestone for this highly interactive and hands-on workshop.

Together, we’ll connect the dots between legal design and tackling the common refrain of in-house having to do more with less.

Here’s a Taste of What We Will Do Together:

  • Move away from thinking like a lawyer to thinking like a legal designer (and learning what that means)
  • Participate in exercises to get you using legal design (without knowing it) to take your legal service delivery to the next level
  • Get you thinking big
  • Set you on the right track to actually developing solutions to real problems
  • Show how it doesn’t take years or tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to make an impactful change (the good kind) to the legal function
  • Have fun & get creative

Doing More With Less Using Legal Design

Friday April 8, 2022

12:00 – 1:15 pm Eastern. 

It’s free!


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