The Legal Design Mindset

By Marty Finestone. First published July, 2021.

“Hey, Marty!”

“Oh hey, what’s up?”

“Um, what’s this whole “legal designer” label you’ve got in your bio?”

“Cool, you read my bio! Thanks for checking it out! So, the term ‘Legal designer’ is a simplified way of saying that I am a practitioner of legal design. Legal design is a simplified way of saying design thinking applied to legal problems, legal services, and legal systems.”

“Ah, that it much simpler. So, tell me more about legal design. I’ve heard of design thinking, but I don’t quite understand what it is.”

“One way to look at legal design (thinking) is it being three things rolled into one. Those three things are:
1.     A mindset.
2.     A process.
3.     A toolkit filled with wonderful techniques and methods for problem solving or creating solutions.”

“Got it! Wait, tell me more about each of those.”

“I’m glad that you asked. Let me start by sharing what the legal design mindset means.”


Legal Design Mindset

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