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Legal training through performance

Legal departments put in time and effort to create training, education, and other self-service materials to help business units be self-sufficient.

The problem is these materials are ignored or forgotten about.Ā 

Don’t take this too personally if you’ve been there and prepped these materials, but it’s probably because those materials are boring. If they are boring, well…. šŸ’¤

So, how do we make legal training and education unboring? We make it engaging, accessible, useable, and useful to the audience.

Check out this article for Marty Finestone‘s top tip on how to do this!Ā 

Let it Be

Let it be dancing in the dark

Here’s the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): give yourself time and space to solve a challenge. This suggestion owes a lot to the lyrics Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.

  • ā€œYou can’t start a fire without a sparkā€ –Ā Bruce SpringsteenĀ Dancing in the Dark
  • ā€œThere will be an answer, let it beā€Ā The BeatlesĀ Let It Be

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